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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

suicidal tendancies

I know of a girl who's thinking about suicide. She's a christian, I think, and she spends a lot of time on the computer. Anyone know of any christian forums she could visit?



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

proverbial ponderings

Proverbial Wisdom, Anyone?

Recently I've been thinking about alot of things, like why I'm friends with someone and what is my life all about anyways? So today I was reading Proverbs 19, and it really confused me. A lot of times I will feel like nothing in the Bible makes sense, and then I'll lose interest in it. But honestly, this book is pretty swell, and I WANT to read it...

so anyways. Proverbs 19. at least five times it says something like this:
19:4- Wealth brings many friends, but a poor man's friends desert him.

so I ask you, what does that mean? I seem to recall many times when the bible mentions that it is better to be wise and poor than rich and foolish, so why is it that the rich man gets all the friends, and the poor one can't seem to keep any? just a silly question, but If i dont ask questions, I tend to lose interest. so humor me with your clever responses.

on a different note, I don't work thursday friday or saturday, and so it would be awesomely fun if someone wants to hang out?

plus, Titus Wilson and Taylor Blythe have a band, Given to Grace, and they have a show on Saturday evening at... 8? so, you should all come out to Fowler, the one-stoplight town, and show your support. lol.

-bye for now!
mari katherine

seeking normalcy

there is no such thing as normal. we all have our hidden idiocyncracies. this comforts me, because I know that even the girl who looks like she has it all together is really struggling somehow. It helps to know everyone has problems. I know I have a lot of issues. I wonder, is there a way to change myself without losing my true identity?

Monday, July 10, 2006

and yet again we meet

here's one from yesterday!

unexplainable me
When I got home from work, I lit a really cool sparkler. It made me smile, and I twirled around with it, making hearts and figure eights with the glow. I wanted the moment to last forever.
Today at work i was horribly mean and obnoxious. I don't even have a logical explanation for it, which makes it worse. I mean, I felt kinda sick going to work, and I was tired, but really I was just being selfish and mean, which is so DUMB! I felt like kicking myself.
I really enjoyed my burger made with care or love or whatever it was. It made me happyish.


p.s. I want rain, and dancing.

songs of yesterday

this is from about a week ago, I published it on my xanga, and realized i hadnt posted in a while on here. so... yeah. here you have it.

wonderland and other fun things

So, I've been here for about four days now, and it's great fun just hanging out with my cousins. Yesterday we went to church at New Harvest Church in Hillsborough. it was pretty cool, the building was nice and sunny and they had coffee and biscotti! the service was pretty good too.The pastor was very friendly and his message seemed to be geared towards all ages.
After that we came home and ate some mac n cheese, haha. I made it, wow I'm such a good cook! it was yummy nonetheless.
Then, we went to the southpoint mall in durham. it was really big and nice to walk in, I didn't buy anything except for coffee-flavored dip n dots, YUMMM!
I'm really not trying to make a long boring entry with every detail of my boring trip, sorry.
I am having fun, its just more of the indescribable fun.
mariposa hermosa