more than my two cents

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Today I finally acknowledged the fact that I am completely without foundation. For you guys who don’t know what I’m talking about, foundation is the skin-colored liquid or powder that us girls apply to our faces before putting on the rest of our makeup. It conceals redness and blemishes and transforms us into the beauties that you see and appreciate every day. Guys, don’t worry, this post is not really about makeup. Under normal circumstances I would be dreadfully afraid to enter the world without my “face” on. Today, however, I had some errands to run and therefore skipped the foundation (I didn’t have any anyways!) and ran out the door. When I walked back in the door, I looked at myself in the mirror, and LO and Behold! I looked normal! This whole time I had been hiding behind face-powder to make me beautiful… and yet, when I didn’t have any, I wasn’t half-bad! Now to the main point of this post. We don’t have to hide behind things to be who God intended us to be. Here this whole time I thought that the only way people would like me was if I looked right or talked right or laughed a nice laugh… but does any of that really matter? Not really. God cares about who we are on the inside, and he cares about how we see ourselves on the outside. God made each of us with a specific purpose in mind. He created me and you and called us Beautiful and Handsome and Wonderfully Made. Why do we spend so much time fixing ourselves and being discontent? Now, I’m not saying that we should sit on the couch and eat potato chips and ice cream because “we’re beautiful already.” I’m saying, we don’t need to waste time worrying about ourselves. We need to GET UP and GO! God has a wonderful plan for each of us, but how can he find it when we’re so busy fixing his work? It's hard. I know, because I'm living it, that being a teenager is hard. So many emotions and hopes and dreams and fears all rolled up into a decade of self-doubt and confusion. Each and every one of us spends too much time doubting. In my honest we SHOULD doubt ourselves. who ever said we could do anything on our own anyways? What we shouldn't doubt is God's faithfulness. doubting God is like throwing in the towel... there's no reason to continue if you can't give a hand to the maker of the universe. I realize that this post is a bit scattered and I hope you can all understand it. until next time...your maribelle