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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Today I finally acknowledged the fact that I am completely without foundation. For you guys who don’t know what I’m talking about, foundation is the skin-colored liquid or powder that us girls apply to our faces before putting on the rest of our makeup. It conceals redness and blemishes and transforms us into the beauties that you see and appreciate every day. Guys, don’t worry, this post is not really about makeup. Under normal circumstances I would be dreadfully afraid to enter the world without my “face” on. Today, however, I had some errands to run and therefore skipped the foundation (I didn’t have any anyways!) and ran out the door. When I walked back in the door, I looked at myself in the mirror, and LO and Behold! I looked normal! This whole time I had been hiding behind face-powder to make me beautiful… and yet, when I didn’t have any, I wasn’t half-bad! Now to the main point of this post. We don’t have to hide behind things to be who God intended us to be. Here this whole time I thought that the only way people would like me was if I looked right or talked right or laughed a nice laugh… but does any of that really matter? Not really. God cares about who we are on the inside, and he cares about how we see ourselves on the outside. God made each of us with a specific purpose in mind. He created me and you and called us Beautiful and Handsome and Wonderfully Made. Why do we spend so much time fixing ourselves and being discontent? Now, I’m not saying that we should sit on the couch and eat potato chips and ice cream because “we’re beautiful already.” I’m saying, we don’t need to waste time worrying about ourselves. We need to GET UP and GO! God has a wonderful plan for each of us, but how can he find it when we’re so busy fixing his work? It's hard. I know, because I'm living it, that being a teenager is hard. So many emotions and hopes and dreams and fears all rolled up into a decade of self-doubt and confusion. Each and every one of us spends too much time doubting. In my honest we SHOULD doubt ourselves. who ever said we could do anything on our own anyways? What we shouldn't doubt is God's faithfulness. doubting God is like throwing in the towel... there's no reason to continue if you can't give a hand to the maker of the universe. I realize that this post is a bit scattered and I hope you can all understand it. until next time...your maribelle

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Unexplicable View

I think, that guys are jerks. Mainly in the pursuit of women, but other times as well. I am not saying that ALL guys are MAJOR jerks, but all guys have the capability. Lately, I've become more and more discouraged by the male gender in general. I will continue to feel this way, probably, until someone proves me wrong. It is my firm belief that somewhere out there, there is a guy in between the ages of 16 and 23, that is NOT a jerk. If anyone finds him, mail him to me.

Girls are jerks too. all humans are. It sucks. I hate knowing that no matter what I do it can only taint the reputation of womanhood in general.

I need a hug so badly. a nice one, consisting of just standing there for at least five minutes.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Maribelle, that's me!

life lately has been so complicated. sometimes i wish there was an ultimate cure for troubles, and then I realize, there is! God will always be here for me I just have to let Him be.

still, life is complicated. there are many things adding to this, but at the same time, life is beautiful.

I need to rejoice in the small victories.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

me, myself, and Irma

Hey, everyone, it's me. I'm actually posting, surprise! here's the brief update:

I'm in school, and I'm a senior, and its ... interesting!

I love computer programming class.

there is a guy.



Tuesday, August 22, 2006


WHAT is wrong with people these days? I don't understand at all. Who are my real friends, and why is everyone being so judgemental? I am very hurt by the behavior of people that I thought were my friends. whatever am I to do? I guess befriending someone is beyond certain people's capacity. Is forgiveness not a symbol of Christian love? no wonder so many are appalled by the behavior of so-called CHRISTIANS. I am almost ashamed to belong to such a hypocratic group.

If anyone had any real information, then maybe I would listen. But instead, you all show yourselves to be the insensitive shovenist pigs that you are.



Wednesday, July 26, 2006

suicidal tendancies

I know of a girl who's thinking about suicide. She's a christian, I think, and she spends a lot of time on the computer. Anyone know of any christian forums she could visit?



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

proverbial ponderings

Proverbial Wisdom, Anyone?

Recently I've been thinking about alot of things, like why I'm friends with someone and what is my life all about anyways? So today I was reading Proverbs 19, and it really confused me. A lot of times I will feel like nothing in the Bible makes sense, and then I'll lose interest in it. But honestly, this book is pretty swell, and I WANT to read it...

so anyways. Proverbs 19. at least five times it says something like this:
19:4- Wealth brings many friends, but a poor man's friends desert him.

so I ask you, what does that mean? I seem to recall many times when the bible mentions that it is better to be wise and poor than rich and foolish, so why is it that the rich man gets all the friends, and the poor one can't seem to keep any? just a silly question, but If i dont ask questions, I tend to lose interest. so humor me with your clever responses.

on a different note, I don't work thursday friday or saturday, and so it would be awesomely fun if someone wants to hang out?

plus, Titus Wilson and Taylor Blythe have a band, Given to Grace, and they have a show on Saturday evening at... 8? so, you should all come out to Fowler, the one-stoplight town, and show your support. lol.

-bye for now!
mari katherine

seeking normalcy

there is no such thing as normal. we all have our hidden idiocyncracies. this comforts me, because I know that even the girl who looks like she has it all together is really struggling somehow. It helps to know everyone has problems. I know I have a lot of issues. I wonder, is there a way to change myself without losing my true identity?